Looking for Volunteer moderators.

You can now volunteer as moderator and get this unique roles/badges:

@Just for Meme — #memes (channel moderator.)

@Lifter — #motivation (channel moderator.)

@Terminator — members with epic gaming rig set up.

@Potency — members with extra ordinary skills and connections in finding potential TOKEN and NFT who are willing to share with the community.

Disclaimer: Members with role/badges are not professional financial advisor we encourage everyone to always do your research for every TOKEN and NFT out there before diving.

To get your badge kindly send your application at gearedguildgames@gmail.com please indicate what role/badges you are applying.

~not a toxic city

Geared Guild Games Philippines (edited)




A community with unity.

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Geared Guild Games

Geared Guild Games

A community with unity.

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